It’s nice to have the show over. Fantastic as it was, much as I loved it, it kind of ate my life. But that’s not going to keep me away from auditioning for Turn of the Screw next month . . .

I’m still writing every day, and that is an awesome thing. The rewrite continues to go well, despite the usual mid-draft blues. The current (slightly unrealistic) goal is to write two chapters a week. I’m on chapter 20, of 30+, so I just need to find the momentum now to carry me through to the end.

But I’ve started reading it aloud to a friend, which boosts my incentive to finish it soon. And she is the best person to read aloud to. Seriously. She gets so excited and so invested that a lot of the time, I don’t mind reading even first drafts to her.

And reading aloud is a great way to spot issues in pace and flow, clunky exposition, and cumbersome dialogue. If you’re a writer without a read-aloud friend, I suggest you find one. 😉

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