To Do Lists And Crazy Goals

Things to do before next weekend:

  • Reread Turn of the Screw to prepare for auditions
  • Freak out (in a good way!) because a really awesome amazing person is coming to visit
  • Clean like a madwoman because said awesome amazing person is coming to visit and my house is not currently fit for company
  • Sign up to participate in a 24-hour playwriting festival – something I’ve wanted to do for years
  • Write a novel


All right, that last one is a little extreme. I do not intend to write a novel in a week. (I wish I could!) I’d known finishing the novel by July would be impractical, but I hoped for it, anyway. When that didn’t happen and I decided I would audition for this next show (Turn of the Screw), my new “finish” goal was audition weekend. Next weekend, in fact.

Because two chapters a week could be doable, right?

They weren’t. I did just write a chapter in three days, but that was shorter than most. And this novel has a minimum of seven chapters left to go. Ugh.

I don’t know how to go easy on myself. I keep proving this over and over. But, hey, at least I have fun. 😉

Wish me luck! I’ll need it . . .

2 thoughts on “To Do Lists And Crazy Goals

    1. Well, I managed to reread the story, freak out, clean (though not as much or as well as I wanted), sign up for the festival, and write a chunk of the novel, at least. Also, I apparently got the role, so go me?

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