I’ve Missed You

So. What have I missed?

The Turn of the Screw – this show has been fantastically intense and challenging. Terrifying, because I’ve never had a lead role, because I’ve been out of it for a decade, because the line load is ridiculous and this play – this character – goes to some dark, uncomfortable places.

The director is amazing and so much fun to work with, but this is a show he’s wanted to direct for years. So extra pressure there to do well.

Then last Friday, we opened. And it was awesome.

Something else I managed to accomplish in the non-stop rehearsals leading to a crazy performance weekend?

I finished the Damn Novel draft.

Now I just have to type the damned thing. This is when I start bitching and swearing. Not that I wasn’t already doing that, but at this stage, I have no patience for my own process. But composing on a screen just doesn’t work for me.

Oh, well.

For the rest of this week, I plan to type like a madwoman, survive our second and final weekend of shows, and somehow pack for next week’s adventure to DC and World Fantasy 2014.

No idea what I’ll do after that, when life goes back to “normal.” Thankfully, I’m too busy to think about that.

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