Welcome 2015

Happy New Year!

2015 has officially arrived, my laundry list of goals and challenges for the year created, tweaked, and ready for tackling. 2014 was (mostly) a whirlwind of awesome, and I hope this year continues and builds on that trend.

May we all have a happy, healthy year spending time with those we love, accomplishing dreams and astonishing ourselves with our capabilities. Thank you, 2014, for the milestones and memories, good and bad. Welcome, 2015: I hear you could be fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2015

  1. Hopefully the 2nd time posting, will be the charm. Belated Happy New Year, Melissa. The new year for me hasn’t been great, but it certainly hasn’t been boring. On the 3rd…I was hired by a dog shelter. On the 4th, after being told that I was a hard worker, and that I got along well with my coworkers, I was released. A week later, I am doing some under the table work (legit) that I don’t think it will last, but I’ll ride it out for as long as I can. Of course that brings me to now, my first wp post of this year, via your blog. I’m hoping things are looking ever upward. Take care, M J.

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