Update (The Highlights)

Life since my last update:

  • My youngest sister had her baby!
  • She then got married
  • Which happened just a few days after my uncle’s funeral
  • And while I was besieged by The Plague, requiring that I communicate via whiteboard.
  • I have not been writing much (which has a lot to do with the lack of blogging)
  • But I took a Zentangle class at the library, so I’ve had something creative to do while my words are on holiday.
  • I taught a scriptwriting class at the local regional high school drama festival
  • Then chaperoned the trip to the state drama festival.
  • I’m taking an awesome Diversity and Narrative writing workshop with Mary Robinette Kowal and K Tempest Bradford (so my words are starting to come back!)
  • And now I’m freaking out because I’m visiting NYC in a couple weeks and didn’t plan out the logistics months ago. I’m a control freak like that.

How have you been?

2 thoughts on “Update (The Highlights)

    1. For one…i’ll say_ i’m sorry for making things sound more dire than they actually are/were. While I still don’t have a job, I have picked up some “‘work”.
      I’m also trying to get my mojo back by getting my sketching, snd drawing flow back again.

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