Father’s Day

Father’s Day . . . brings a whole mess of feelings. This weekend turns me into a bit of a wreck.

This weekend five years ago, I’d just lost my dad. And maybe I’d have better associations with the day if those two events hadn’t come so close together.

I hate the ads. There should be a way to filter them out. Which probably already exists and I just haven’t discovered it yet. Whenever there are store displays, I hurry by. They’re hard to look at directly – not just because the rampant capitalism and commodification is beyond ludicrous.

But my dislike of the day shouldn’t color anyone else’s experience. I have an amazing father-in-law and a pretty great stepfather. They deserve the special recognition of Father’s Day.

I love them.

But I still hate this day.

Maybe in another five years we’ll be on speaking terms. I can hope.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I know how you feel honey. It will get better with time but your dad, and my brother, just needs to be remembered with love on Father’s Day. I know I shed a few tears but life goes on and we must with it. Love you.

  2. My relationship q/ Father’s Day is kind of unique. My dad, I loved him, but he was flawed He passed in ’97. He was the kind of person that would give a person the shirt off his back, his last dollar, and ask no questions. Stuff like that Thing is….he was also a womanizer, so, of the things I can appreciate him for, how he treated my Mom, isn’t one of them.

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