New Project(s)

Happy October! How did that happen?

Life since August . . .

Well the rest of August – post-Dracula, that is – became a casualty of burnout. But September? Oh, September.

Four shiny new novels have been dancing through my head. Yes, FOUR. Plus a few older ideas reminding me of their particular ass kicking skills.

To quiet the noise, I’m letting my brain work on two, maybe three, novels at once. Except my brain apparently can’t handle choices and decisions so it settle back on the novel I’ve been working on all along this summer.

Most of my new ideas have come from dreams. It’s been . . . a long while since I had proper story-dreams. I’m wondering if it’s a time of year or supermoon thing, since they started right after the new moon and stopped right before the full moon.

You know what that means?

Research project!

Because I record (and date) the interesting dreams, I want to go back and see if I can find any sort of pattern. This could be fun.

2 thoughts on “New Project(s)

    1. Four viable novel concepts in a year is a good year for me. This . . . I’m not quite sure what to do with this many in a month.

      Then last night I saw a play that used a time loop as the central conceit. Even considering the fact that it’s a difficult trope to work with, it wasn’t terribly well written. So now my brain is playing around with a play, figuring out my version of the trope.

      The writer-brain does not take into account things like day job and time constraints.

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