This week’s distractions:

  • Signing up for a master class in acting, put on by a local professional theater company.
  • Working on my Halloween costume, which requires sewing lessons with my grandmother.
  • The program (tentative) for the World Fantasy Convention next month. This year’s focus is on epic fantasy, which is much more my flavor than last year’s military fantasy.
  • Deciding to join NaNoWriMo.

I haven’t attempted a proper NaNo in . . . years. A few months ago, I would have told you that I’m not doing it and never will again.

National Novel Writing Month: when the month of November becomes all about producing a 50,000 word manuscript. I swore I’d never do it again. I should know better.

My goal is not the word count; it’s to break the procrastination habits that have become so bad. And if I manage to hit 50,000 words while I’m at it, that would be awesome, too.

2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. You are not alone. I do the same thing. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were a Gemini. LOL

    1. Cancer, according the to zodiac calendar. But if you go by the constellation the sun was actually in front of when I was born, I’d be Gemini. 😛 Got to love astronomy. And astrology.

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