Introvert or Extrovert?


In excellent news, I’m still alive. Sorry for the vanishing act.

Life is good. Just every once in a while, I fall off the face of the earth. Can’t say for sure where I go, but emails languish in my inbox – read, but never replied to – and Facebook tags vanish into obscurity until no one remembers (I hope).

I see them. All of them.  Replying, on the other hand, takes energy that I either don’t have or would rather spend elsewhere.

Stumbled across this article on extroverted introverts and it got me thinking.

I’m an ambivert. I hover somewhere between the polarities of introvert and extrovert. This is a wide and varied range, and I am freakishly smack dab in the middle.

Going out with friends? Love it. A huge part of me wishes I lived closer to what most of the world calls civilization. (There are so many times when a two hour round trip just isn’t worth it.) I love getting out and doing things, but I also require a certain amount of downtime when I can snuggle my husband, or read, or write, or binge on Netflix.

And of course the necessary evil day job is the biggest energy drain of them all.

Sometimes, my skin itches with the need to go somewhere and do something. Sometimes, I want to burrow in my bed and hibernate, and even the though of being social is exhausting.

The need to hibernate is most intense when the days are shorter. If it’s dark when I leave work, I want to go home and do nothing.

Longer daylight? Anything is possible.

The introvert side began to dominate earlier than normal. That has a lot to do with my disappearance. Every time I thought about posting, I convinced myself I had nothing to say. But that’s not true, and this blog is important to me. So on my list of goals for 2016, I’ve included this blog: more frequent and more consistent posts.

After all, even though it’s still dark when I leave work, the days are already getting longer.

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