So Kiri, my Seattle Roommate of Amazing Talent and Awesomeness, started Joelmas a few years ago after she lost her brother to depression. She explains it over on her vlog.

In honor of her brother Joel, she has christened January 30 as Joelmas: a day to take for ourselves and no one else – or at least to do one thing just for you. Because self-care is integral to mental health.

Today, I celebrated by having lunch with a wonderful friend I had seen all of twice since August. We talked about creative things, and life, and frustrations. Now I feel more grounded and focused.

And I took my car through the carwash, because I find it incredibly soothing and relaxing. Bonus: a clean car.

Who else celebrated Joelmas, even if this blog post is the first you’ve heard of it? What is one thing you did for you?

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