Promises Kept

2016 hasn’t ended yet, so I’m keeping my promise from the last post!

I let myself go radio silent in order to focus on stage managing (and not sucking at it), but the silence grew. I’ve started at least a dozen posts, but the silence was too heavy. I didn’t know – or, rather, I forgot – how to break it.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

So now I’m back! At least for a moment. Just in time to audition for another show in a couple of weeks.

Stage managing, by the way? Was awesome.

And the extroverted phase has stuck! I’ve enjoyed it. A lot. Though of course now it bites me in the ass. I have a submission deadline looming in the next few days and a ton of work to do on the story (this post is procrastination – can you tell?), but I really want to spend more time with family and friends.

. . . Well, this post has been manic. Brought to you by my absent attention span and should-be-doing-something-else syndrome.

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