New Year 2017

Goodbye, 2016. I will not miss you.

Last year (I do not have words to say how thrilled I am that 2016 is officially past) was so bad, it was all I saw, much of the time. The negative things. The death toll. The election. Stress. My own mental shutdown.

But it had its bright moments.

Although I only acted in one show this year and it burned me out badly (despite having just a couple minor roles), it taught me the importance of picking shows I’m passionate about. Shows that click with me in a way I can’t explain, even if I’ve only seen the audition sides.

Tigers be Still, the show I stage managed, was one. What little I knew about the show going into auditions didn’t excite me much, but the pieces we read just clicked. So when I didn’t get cast, I kept my fingers crossed that I could still find a way to be involved in the production. And I did.

Stage managing brought out many of the very best parts of me. I loved it. I kicked ass. I would totally do it again (with a show I’m passionate about).

We visited my grandmother-in-law in Florida. It was an excellent visit. She passed away a few months later, and I’m so thankful we made it down when we did.

Since about September, I’ve been extra (for me) extroverted. I get so much energy from being around people. Though not all people, so maybe I’ve just been better about who I spend time with.

I’ve written. Not as much or as good as I would have like, but I did write. As of last night, I submitted more stories than I did in 2015. (Not difficult, considering I only sent one in 2015, but an important and huge improvement all the same.)

Best of all? 2016 is over. Done. A new year, a new slate.

Dear 2017, you have one goal: be better than last year. The bar is low. Don’t disappoint me.

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