My Silence Comes In Waves

When I fall into radio silence for an extended time, you know something’s going on with me. That something could be good or bad, or just many somethings all at once.

I haven’t posted here since I found out I’m pregnant.

EEEEEE!!!! OMG!!!!!!! (Finally!)

I’ve known a solid three months now. It took me ages to tell the closest friends and family. A week or so ago, I made it Facebook-official.

Speaking about it, getting excited about it, feels like I’m going to jinx everything. Nothing is guaranteed so I don’t dare take this for granted. Our families are ecstatic, but we’re slower to join the party.

Maybe once I actually feel the little one kicking and moving I’ll stop waiting quite so much for the other shoe to drop (though we’ll still have to contend with juggling the as-yet unmet reality of life-with-baby and how that will change absolutely everything).

This whole not-taking-it-for-granted thing seems fairly uncommon, just based on what I see from friends and family. Maybe I have an oddly skewed sample population, or maybe it’s one of those things no one ever talks about.

Because not talking about things makes everything better, right?

Related note: when will we get a sarcasm font?

But if a worst case scenario happens, I don’t want it to catch me completely by surprise. The lack of surprise wouldn’t make it hurt any less, but it would help my ability to cope.

And this post has now taken a turn for the depressing when it was supposed to be happy. I am happy! We are. More than happy. My point is that this latest round of blog-silence came from many places, for many reasons.

Here’s hoping the next wave comes from negotiating life with a screaming newborn!

2 thoughts on “My Silence Comes In Waves

  1. Tina and I are so happy for you both! I find it ironic that this post about your pregnancy comes on the same week my son turns 21…because it is a wonderful example of how fast it all goes. This is a joyous time, and I hope many more will be heading in your direction–you and G deserve it! Xoxo

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