Everywhere I go lately, I see a simple mark of the pandemic: sheds. Sheds along the roadside, in front of houses, advertising eggs and garden veggies, or woodwork, or even baked goods available on the honor system.

I know a significant driving force behind their appearance is sheer desperation in the face of the volatility of the last year and a half. There’s no telling how many lost their jobs and simply grabbed onto whatever shred of financial hope they could find. But I hope that an even bigger force behind them is creative passion. I hope that each shed marks a choice for someone to pursue what they love, where and how they find creative fulfillment in their lives. I hope they were hungry for more and found a way to get it.

This post isn’t about writing at all, beyond the fact that writing is my passion and the idea of others pursuing their loves in whatever way best works for them just makes me happy.

Life is short, this pandemic is long, and nothing is guaranteed. Let’s add joy wherever we can.

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