You’re Not Fooling Anyone

Some people write best in coffee shops. I’m talking about places outside house or office.

Apparently, I write well in theaters.

Not movie theaters. They tend to keep the lights too low. And there’s probably a whole host of other factors: whom I’m with, what I’m working on, what I’m there to see, and which theater.

I rediscovered this bit of trivia over the weekend in my old high school theater. I got a fantastic start on a new story. We’ll see how much writing I can do on the plane!

One thought on “You’re Not Fooling Anyone

  1. I don’t think that I have a place of preference. 4 me…l think it’s a state of mind, w/ me. As far as that goes, l think 4 me, it’s when l’m in a somewhat neutral state of mind, is when l’m most productive. {not 2 mention, having some1 proofread my content, seeing as how l’m awful w/ grammar, punctuation, & syntax!} 😉

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