Dear A$$hat: Hands To Yourself

Dear Asshat,

Your hands belong to YOU. They do not belong on someone else’s face. Not without consent.

Hint: you did not have her consent.

Your hands were gross – green and black from cutting grass and who-knows-what. This is why you thought it was funny. (It wasn’t.)

That and you’re a juvenile in an old man’s body. You’ve had decades to learn shit like this is not ok. Which, in case you haven’t figured it out by now, means you have even less excuse for that behavior.

You have no one to scapegoat. The blame for your bad decision lies with you alone.

A hand in the face without consent is aggressive. You covered her whole face. Touching someone without consent is assault.

Your laughter does not mitigate those facts. Your laughter does not make it ok, let alone funny.

Try that on me next. I dare you.

To the others present: “Why would you do that?” is not an appropriate response. I should not have been the only one saying, “That is not ok. Don’t do that. Get out.”

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