Still Alive

. . . Great. Now I have that song from Portal stuck in my head.

I just typed and scheduled two posts for Anxiety and desperately need to squeeze in some writing time before sleep takes over, but if I don’t post here, it could be another three weeks before I resurface.

Performances start in less than two weeks. Then I’ll be back on a more normal basis.

It’s strange – certainly unexpected – how the lack of time has helped make me more productive writing-wise. After work and rehearsal, I don’t even boot up my computer but go straight to writing for an hour or two. Being so busy has refined my focus and my priorities. I only hope it lasts long after the show ends.

The Fourth of July meant a long weekend off from both work and rehearsal, but my sister and brother-in-law came up for a visit. Great to see them, but the days ‘off’ filled with family/social obligations. I’m exhausted.

Next comes four days of rehearsal, a weekend of ReaderCon (anyone else going?), three more days of rehearsal, and four days of performances. All done around work, of course.

Oh, right. And somewhere in there I have a birthday.

But performances – three weekends of them – signify less rehearsal time, so maybe I can be a little less of the ‘flighty artist’ stereotype. Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that point.

So how have you all been? And what have I missed?

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